How much does zilis CBD oil cost?

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The cost on Zilis website is $150. Suggested retail price through many distributors is $139. Our office is able to offer this to our patients at the minimum allowable price of $120!

How good is CBD flower?

High CBD and low THC flower can alleviate chronic pain, inflammation, seizures, and anxiety. Specifically, CBD flower can help reduce symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis pain, Dravet's Syndrome, and some anxiety disorders.

Where is CBD oil not legal?

The DEA Furthers Confusion In certain states, however, it is legal. Only six states still consider CBD to be entirely illegal : Idaho, Nebraska, Indiana, South Dakota, Kansas and West Virginia. This disagreement between state and federal law causes issues for many who wish to use CBD oil.

How many people use CBD products?

New Study Shows 14% of Americans Use CBD. Fourteen percent of Americans personally use products containing cannabidiol (CBD), according to a recent Gallup Poll. Meanwhile, 85% of people in the U.S. are either not yet familiar with the cannabis-derived ingredient or do not currently use it.

Does Rite Aid sell CBD oil?

Rite Aid said it will start selling CBD creams, lotions and lip balms in Washington and Oregon this month, following other drugstore chains in testing public demand for cannabis -based consumer products, the company announced Thursday. CBD products will be sold in more than 200 Rite Aid stores across the two states.